Induction: the heating system of the future.

Induction is the heating system of the future: ATE, Applicazioni Termo Elettroniche, had already understood this in 1986, when it manufactured the first stationary induction furnace for wire. A company from Vicenza that designs and manufactures induction heating equipment and systems, ATE bases its production on the experience and expertise of its technicians and specialised operators, and on the constant updating of technologies and work methods. Each system intended for the various heat treatments of metals (from steel, to zinc, to various precious metals), is complete with ATE automation, control and supervisory systems.

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ATE has developed and continues to design different components to complete induction heating systems for various applications. These units or sub-systems are frequency converters, load adapters, heating inductors, mechanical equipment, control units and cooling systems.

The design and manufacturing of ATE products takes place by carefully analysing customers’ production needs and operating characteristics required by the varied industrial applications.


The applications that ATE has made from 1986 to present are continuous heating systems of wires, bars and pipes, braze welding and press welding of pans and the melting furnaces for precious metals, including the continuous casting ones.

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