Experts in induction heat treatments.

ATE Applicazioni Termo Elettroniche was founded in 1986 in Vicenza (Italy) within the EEI, (Equipaggiamenti Elettronici Industriali) industrial group, operating in the automation sector. ATE shares a common reachness in many industrial sectors like static energy conversion, experimental applications, applications for unique process control.

ATE designs and manufactures induction heating equipment and systems, including the relative automation, control and supervisory systems.

A story that starts from the future: induction heating systems.

The year ATE was established
Builds the first stationary induction furnace for heating C.A.P. wire
Builds its first mobile induction furnace for heating C.A.P. wire
Starts manufacturing unique special systems.
First melting system.
Manufactures the first system for press welding pans.
Produces a system for rotor heating treatment.
Produces the first complete system for hardening and tempering wire.
Multi-wire heating furnace.
Produces the first heating system for steel plate.
Designs a new IFC/S modular MF converter.
Produces the first system with over 2MW power
First system for the thermodiffusion of multi-wire steel cord with independent wires.
Designs a new IFC/S modular MF converter.
New manufacturing solution of a lowered mobile furnace.

Quality and experience:
the basis of future production.

The experience and expertise of its technicians and designers, along with an ongoing collaboration with various university departments, allows ATE to propose and produce innovative, technically advanced, and reliable solutions, which meet the needs of today’s market.

The company is committed to ensuring top-level quality and service to its customers in every phase of the relationship: from the initial study of the application to the commissioning and then throughout the entire production life of the system.

A market within and beyond borders.

In over 30 years of business, the company has supplied and installed hundreds of induction heating systems and plants, with power units from few kW up to 4 MW.

In fact, over 70% of the production is directed beyond national borders (the highest concentration being in Asia with over 40%, followed by Europe with 30% and the Americas with approximately 15%).

With the customer, from the design to after-sales.

ATE is rewarded for its constant commitment, consistency and professionalism with which it strives to satisfy its customers. The ATE team supports the customer from the initial design phase of the application to commissioning, providing assistance and after-sales consultancy.


Fast heating and high efficiency.

Induction heating is an innovative technology used for many treatments in which energy is generated directly inside the workpiece that needs heating. This technology has numerous advantages, such as:

Fast heating:

The high concentration of power in the area that needs heating, allows very fast heating times to be obtained, increases productivity and reduces the risk of material deformation.

Development of heat directly inside the workpiece:

Electromagnetic induction generates an instantaneous development of heat inside the workpiece that needs heating. The heating equipment also requires less space compared to other systems and does not produce heat irradiation, fumes or other pollutants.

High efficiency:

The induction system is one of the most efficient heating methods: the consumption and costs of the energy consumed are reduced to a minimum..

Quality and repeatability:

The fast heating and the strict reproducibility of the operating parameters assured by ATE control systems, allow a perfect integration of the induction heating systems with automated production processes, which constitutes an essential requirement for any application today.


Static power conversion systems (energy source) are designed, manufactured and assisted by ATE, therefore, assuring uninterrupted operation and reliability even in the heaviest applications.

Compact dimensions:

Compared to traditional heating systems

Full integration:

In already existing lines to replace traditional heating systems.

Clean energy:

electromagnetic induction is a clean energy source (it does not produce fumes or other pollutants as burned and unburned gases) and can heat a metal surface without any contact with the coating, improving the quality and characteristics of the end product. It also saves supplied energy when material is absent, even when ambient temperatures are low.

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